Exagon Group

The Hive

Exagon Industries can be seen as a harmonious constellation of controlled industries known as Sections, similar to working bees inside a well-organized hive. Each Section has its own executive management and operates in one or more areas of interest where, thanks to our expertise, we are able to develop the most extraordinary electronic technologies.

The heart of the holding company consists of strong leaderships and interdependence between all the different corporations. Generally, each Section would be led by a prominent Director with the assistance needed coming from The Temple, to ensure that every establishment is performing perfectly.

What makes it possible to achieve successful goals and investment results in the aforementioned Sections, as well as maintaining a higher standard of continuous long-term profitability, is a combination of scientific, technological, strategic, and financial expertise.

Exagon Group

The Citadel

Exagon Industries' Research and Development infrastructure is housed in what we call the Citadel, which in our vision resembles an impenetrable fortress. The Citadel makes it possible to offer advanced technological solutions and ensures industry productivity efficiency at the most advanced level of application.

The operational structure of the Citadel consists of over 145 laboratories divided into 15 Areas, including a supercomputer, two cyclotrons and a LINAC for testing particle sources, four anechoic chambers, space research and simulation labs.

The Citadel also conducts environmental engineering research, including the investigation of disruptive solutions for terraforming and climate improvement. As of now, Exagon Industries is investing in OLYMPUS Station as part of The Citadel R&D facility, which is the world's first private orbiting lab for space tests and research.

Our Proprietary Brands

In addition to our nine controlled subsidiaries, Exagon Industries also holds four brands, each one corresponding to a corporate structure with independent management but still under the holding company’s control.



Exagon Industries owns and operates 4ENG, a proprietary structure whose mission is to design, develop, and implement high-tech, scale-up-oriented production-chain processes for industries and research that ensure maximum efficiency, high reliability and repeatability, drastic cost savings, and a net-zero environmental impact.



Exagon Industries is also in charge of Gen-X, a monolithic set of 15 laboratories devoted to designing and developing operations for specific large-scale synthesis of peptides and oligonucleotides, mRNA, recombinant DNA, and special biomolecules and synthetic tissues. Gen-X also conducts research in regenerative biology and applied genomics.



Exagon Industries' ambition to realize the first scalable quantum processor in order to establish the first ever anthrophomimetic artificial general intelligence, used for various military applications, led to the creation of QUANTAX. The Citadel has direct control over the project, a monolithic and entirely autonomous cyber-genomic research facility.



The Sphere Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to conduct experimental ocean science research in order to monitor and implement strategies for the improvement of the marine ecosystem. Using the laboratory vessel Poseidon I, the Sphere Foundation conducts both underwater and seabed research, collecting critical data in the ocean chemistry, physics, and biogeochemistry fields.