Exagon Group

Our Product and Services

Exagon Industries creates highly innovative and cutting-edge industrial electronic technologies that are used in aerospace and defense, telecommunication engineering, nuclear engineering, quantum computing, robotics, AI and ML assisted industrial processes, and quantum physics research.

Through its six production macro-units, called Sections, Exagon designs and develops:

  1. ▸ Antennas and subsystem electronics for satellites and ground networks;
  2. ▸ Advanced electronic instrumentation for quantum physics, signal analysis and conditioning, and photonics applications;
  3. ▸ Particle sources, plasma parameters measurement instruments, OEM cyclotrons and LINACs, instrumentation and mass spectrometry for nuclear chemistry;
  4. ▸ Dedicated algorithms for quantum computing, AI / ML robotics and industrial process management;
  5. ▸ Photonics based quantum processors;
  6. ▸ Electronic systems for managing large-scale and research-scale nanodeposition processes.